Tilly Glover

Tilly welcomed on More Fire PR work placement

More Fire PR Ltd is welcoming student Tilly Glover into a work placement role to develop her knowledge and experience of marketing, copywriting and PR, and to help support the company’s growing list of clients in the UK and overseas.

Tilly succeeded in receiving the month-long position after demonstrating her determination, resilience and creative skills in writing and presentation – all key components of the highly competitive and growing communications sector.

Tilly explains: “I’m very pleased to have been offered this incredible opportunity and can’t wait to work with More Fire PR director – Mark Ferguson – and his experienced team of associates.

“I’m particularly keen to learn more about digital content, the challenges organisations face in projecting their brand image, and how AI is increasingly being used to manage complex promotional challenges.

“I have no doubt it will be fascinating to see how More Fire PR works behind the scenes, and to gain a deeper understanding about PR from Mark.

“I’m aware the company has a strong presence in the higher education sector and is also working with businesses in software, cybersecurity, construction, and leadership, as well as providing training and professional support in countries such as Morocco and Canada.”

“I’ve always loved writing stories and designing, and have taken every chance I can to take on creative projects. This skillset is something I’m hoping to taking forward into my A-level studies in English and History.”

Mark adds: “It’s always a pleasure to meet a young person with strong career aspirations and we’re looking forward to supporting Tilly with her ambitions in this dynamic sector.

“There’s an increasing demand for the type of services we supply and, as we enter our 11-year anniversary as a company, it’s great to know we’ll have the opportunity to call on the skills of future graduates like Tilly to help progress our work.”

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