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More Fire PR rose from the ashes in June 2012, founded by company director Mark Ferguson – an experienced journalist, editor and PR professional – to specialise in providing advice and services to help businesses and organisations connect with their customers and other audiences that matter to them.

We aim to ‘tell the truth persuasively’ and in doing so work closely with our clients to develop news and communication activities that are genuinely interesting and engaging, not mere sales puffery. In today’s 24/7 media and online world it is vital to have a clear message that matters, and is seen and heard by the right people.

There are very few organisations that don’t need to communicate effectively in some shape or form.

Think it through, who are your audiences and what do you need to say to them? How do you capture and hold their attention effectively? How do you want them to react to the detail and information you provide? How do you maintain and grow your reputation, credibility and profile?


How PR Works For Your Business

Whether you’re a new start-up business, a leader in universities, technology, accountancy or even space exploration, no one wants to be bored so we help our clients to get objective and consider very carefully what’s newsworthy about their news!

If it’s your first time working with a PR consultant and you’re not sure what to expect, here’s our handy check-list on the kind of questions we’ll be working through to make your news the best it can possibly be.


Before we press ‘send’ on that all important story, we’ll discuss:

Who’s the audience? It’s crucial to target the right stakeholders and media

Is your story new? Hitting the headlines is often all about the timing

Is it topical, quirky or unique? Stand out from the crowd

Are we including the essential facts – the ‘who, what, why, where, when?

Can we offer interesting quotes or spokespeople, interview or photo opportunities?

Can you make time to answer any further questions?

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it gives a flavour of the thought and effort that goes into helping your business or organisation make the right connections. There are a lot of companies out there spending valuable time and energy to make a noise and fill space with their marketing communications, but is anyone listening?

We aim to go one step further by identifying the key audiences, understanding their needs, and then matching your messages to respond accordingly.

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