Video Production Northamptonshire

One of our most popular services are video interviews. These give you and your company a great way of standing out from the crowd, communicating important messages and showing key audiences exactly what your people do and are achieving.

The modern world reportedly watches one billion hours of video on YouTube every day, making it easy to understand why online video has become so important.

As we we’re bombarded with more and more promotional messaging on a daily basis, one clear winner emerging above all other elements of the marketing mix is online video.

Second only to Twitter, video is drastically shifting the way your prospective and existing clients are being exposed to information that matters to them.

Why? Well firstly video marketing is time and cost-efficient: It can capture and convey a full story within a couple of minutes.


Video also speaks from the heart and addresses the long-recognised presentational rule that communication is only 7% verbal and 93% non-verbal.

It’s an ideal method to communicate subjects ranging from training, events and testimonials, through to new product launches and client feedback. This makes it particularly advantageous for achieving multiple tasks in one hit.

To capitalise on this trend we design and produce bespoke filmed interviews with you in the comfort of your own offices or on-site, delivering edited footage that can be placed on your website, sent direct to clients or shared via social media.

Mark Ferguson, an experienced journalist, news editor and PR-specialist, puts you at ease and helps plan and conduct interviews and 4K filming on a subject of your choosing, while our technical team concentrates on all of the behind-the-scenes set-up, filming, sound and editing.

Whether your business is an SME or corporate operation, take advantage of video as a powerful platform to deliver your important messages, showcase excellence and inspire your audiences and stakeholders to take action.


Add to this the fact that individual attention spans are on the decline – The National Centre for Biotechnology Information says successful viewer engagement happens within the first 10 seconds of video – and it’s a clear winner for all concerned.

Here are three steps we work on with our clients to ensure a great video result:

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1. Be realistic– pinpoint what you want, and what you can do. Identify your key goals and ask yourself: Can it be achieved? What impact is it going to have?

2. Classify your style – we’ll work with you to set the direction for your video and ensure it communicates a clear message. For example, the use of interviewees, props or graphics to enforce visual impact

3. Plan it – we help develop a clear outline of what needs to be said and done. This needs to factor in the who, what, why, where and when of your video

Video Production Northamptonshire

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