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We’re interested in what makes your business unique, and help you communicate your expertise and passion into great media stories and editorial copy.

Public Relations is all about raising your profile and enhancing your reputation by achieving free (or ’earned’) media coverage.

At More Fire PR we work closely with our clients to identify who they want to communicate with, what their objectives are, what it is they want to say, and how they want an audience to react?

This is often achieved by developing impactful content that is shared through media ranging from newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV shows, events the Web and social media.

It’s important to get your message across creatively and effectively. Your target audiences will notice information that matters to them and their needs.


The best PR helps bridge communication gaps by shaping your story for a journalist, editor, reader, viewer or listener, and answering the two most important questions on their mind: ‘So what?’ and ‘What’s in it for me?’

We help address these crucial demands to make sure you’re communication plans are on the right track and delivered with impact – it’s all part of our ‘telling the truth persuasively’ approach.

To achieve all of this we work closely with you and your team to produce material that is ‘newsworthy,’ meaning it’s new, eye-catching; informative; topical and timely, and factually accurate.

PR shouldn’t be intimidating. It’s a process of thinking creatively and understanding what journalists and editors do and don’t want.


Here are just a few top tips on how we can help get your PR programme up and running:

Finding the media who matter to you

Which newspapers or radio stations cover your local area? What magazines do your customers read? Do you have something to say that would suit industry press? We’ll draw up a list of all the publications, websites, or broadcasters you’d ideally like to feature in. Research their news and feature sections, and learn who’s who on their editorial teams.

News means new, and different

No media outlet will produce a story about ‘who you are and why you’re brilliant.’ If you want to go down this route consider paid-for advertising. You need to offer a story or angle that will suit their readers, listeners or viewers, and it has to be factually accurate.

Social Media and websites

If you haven’t done so already it’s worth investing some time setting up Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and YouTube pages for your business. To be found you need to keep your online comments regularly updated – one post a day or even week can be enough. Use attractive photography that shows off your work, facilities, services and location, and be ready to answer questions.

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