Elsby & Co advances

Elsby & Co advances new Equity Partners

Equity partners Leona Bateman (left) and Claire Emery, with Carl Elsby, Chartered Accountant and Founding Partner of Elsby & Co.

Elsby & Co Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors has promoted two senior staff to Equity Partner positions in recognition of their dedicated work for the firm.

Leona Bateman and Claire Emery have reached the pinnacle of their profession while working flexibly to balance family commitments and their roles as busy working mums. They are also both strong believers that other young women and new starters should be given the same opportunities they have experienced at Elsby & Co.

Leona explains: “Quite a few accountancy practices have one or two senior partners, but you can only get so far. My experience at Elsby & Co shows there’s real value in supporting staff. I know that if I need to take time out for my son’s sports day I can just do it. This level of understanding at work is priceless and something I’ve never experienced in another job before. It proves to me that if you trust your people, your business will reap dividends.”

Claire adds: “I’ve got four children and haven’t worked full-time since child number two arrived. Elsby & Co couldn’t have been more supportive in letting me work hours that suited me and always encouraged me to progress further. It’s an extraordinarily modern practice that genuinely embraces new technology and uses it to the advantage of its clients.”

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