​Welcome Anywhere proves the real deal for hoteliers

​Welcome Anywhere proves the real deal for hoteliers

After an exhaustive consultation with its customers, Welcome Systems Ltd, the online hospitality booking software experts, has completely revamped the reporting suite in its hotel property management system (PMS) ‘Welcome Anywhere Plus.’

The development continues Welcome Anywhere’s drive to innovate in line with market demands and suit clients’ continual needs for a 24/7 bookings service that delivers the very best guest experience.

“The market is swamped with PMS offerings but I can say with confidence that Welcome Anywhere is the real deal for B&Bs, independent hospitality providers, small hotel chains and pubs with accommodation,” comments John Jones, Managing Director of Welcome Systems Ltd.

“This isn’t just bravado. Our business has been successful for over 30 years by building strategic partnerships and focusing on innovation, and many of our team are former hoteliers themselves. We understand the market pressures and deliver a system which is renowned for its ease-of-use and measurable results.

“Hospitality managers need the ability to automatically coordinate bookings and finances, send out confirmation emails to clients and accomplish everything at the touch of a screen, whether they are using a PC, tablet, smartphone or a combination of all three.”

Among the new developments offered by the Welcome Anywhere are:

  • A new online dashboard offering instant hotel and accommodation data
  • Full mobile compatibility throughout the app
  • Instant adjustment and performance information on average daily rates, marketing cost per booking, direct revenue ratio and total revenue per available room and per client
  • The Opportunity Centre, designed to identify opportunities to supercharge room performance and profitability

“Because customer feedback has always been vital to Welcome Anywhere our clients can now also send us their ideas for improvement using the new ‘Got an idea?’ section,” continues Jones. “In addition our system security is fully encrypted to combat the threat of cybercrime, and we have made huge advancements in mobile readiness.

“Welcome Anywhere has always been suited to devices of all sizes, but this latest update features significant improvements to the way it performs on smartphones.

“The booking details screen now has a new menu for users to quickly access invoices and add payment card details – a small, but crucial detail.

“There’s no doubt the future of hotel and restaurant booking is continual innovation online,” adds Jones. “We’re thrilled to be helping hotels, B&Bs and pubs with accommodation meet raised customer demands for improved comfort, value and convenience.

“This business is all about convenience, comfort and quality – factors that should apply not only to guests, but also to hoteliers in their day-to-day work.”