University of Gloucestershire advises Algerian government on cyber security

University of Gloucestershire advises Algerian government on cyber security

Rapidly gaining a reputation in the world of cyber security, the University of Gloucestershire has this week been invited to Algeria to advise the Algeria government.

The invitation to the University’s Head of the School of Business and Technology, Professor Kamal Bechkoum, came after the had been working with the Foreign Office on public and private cyber security partnerships globally.

Professor Bechkoum is a key speaker at the cyber conference in Algiers this week.

He said: “As far as I know, this is the first time that the Algerian government is talking to the British government about cyber security.

“I think the university’s invitation to Algeria underlines the knowledge and insight the UK possesses about national cyber security which is not equalled anywhere in Europe.”

Professor Bechkoum, who is originally from Algeria, added: “I am guessing that in the sphere of national security and cyber, there is a realisation that the UK is well ahead.

“The discussions with Algeria are primarily about cyber capacity building and how the nation and businesses protect themselves.

“This gives the University the opportunity to be there at earliest stages of Algeria’s discussions on cyber security and who knows where this could lead us?

“I think it provides huge scope for the University to potentially lead a programme of cyber training for a country like Algeria, delivering part of it and supporting