Is your business Snapchat happy?

More Fire PR Intern and De Montfort University English Language and Journalism student, Merin Mentex, explains how Snapchat could help your business communicate

With the seemingly never-ending rise to prominence of social media marketing, businesses are becoming increasingly savvy in their use of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote goods and services.

But if your target audiences includes young people, how are your Snapchat skills coming along?

Unlike other social platforms, Snapchat’s unique qualities are proving highly attractive to the youth market. Its UK user base saw massive growth in 2016, and, according to eMarketer’s latest forecast, by the end of 2017 it is predicted Snapchat will boast 13.6 million mobile users, roughly one third of all UK smartphone owners.

So what do businesses need to know about this increasingly popular form of communication? Here follows our introductory guide to getting you started with Snapchat:

1) It’s easy

Snapchat provides audiences with a variety of different options to communicate, such as video, phone calls and chat. This can be useful for easy communication with your clients, customers or even employees. It allows an opportunity for contact to easily ask questions about products, your company or job opportunities.

2) Audience

Reaching a huge audience, the application is not aimed at a specific age group – although data from the Statistics Portal reinforces the common assumption Snapchat is dominated by the young, with 60 percent of users being under-25. The World Wildlife Fund, for example, uses Snapchat to raise awareness of issues that match its values and interests. Companies can also customise and build their audiences based on existing client demographics, offering a great way to personalise and engage with connections, or reach out to a more general audience.

3) Amazing features

One of Snapchat’s prominent features is Stories. It helps the user to add a series of video clips and images to create their Story. Companies can use this as a way to let prospective employees gain an insight into what it is like to work with them. It can also act as a behind-the-scenes peek for your audience and customers.

4) Snap Ad

Snap Ad is another notable feature that companies can use if their main goal is advertising products. The feature is similar to the ads that pop up when a YouTube video is played. When a user is going through different Stories a 10 second ad will play in between. The interesting part of this is that the user has the option to ‘swipe up’ and reveal more information.

5) Geofilters and Snapchat Sponsored Lens

Geofilters are a great way to customise your company on Snapchat. People that are near to the business have an option to add a personalised Geofilter that can feature the company’s logo. Snapchat Sponsored Lens thrills many advertisers as an innovative way to promote their brand or product. A fun filter can be decorated and personalised, according to what the company wants to advertise. Users can engage with this by taking snaps with the filter applied and posting it on their Story. Starbucks are known for their Sponsored Lens which advertises their Frappuccino.

6) Upgrades

Just like software on your computer and other apps Snapchat has updates. The latest is known as Snap Map, which lets users share their location with friends. Similarly, companies can easily let others know where they are located across the country or world. Snapchat benefits from frequent updates, with new features and bug fixes that can help your business grow and thrive. Why not try it out today?

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